2013 - IMMORTAL DIAMONDS by VAMP (rings)

_‘Immortal Diamonds by Vamp’ is inspired by contemporary vampire fiction, and presents an exclusive suite of virtual engagement rings along with a series of videos. The project has been designed to engage with and unpack notions of toxicity and romance. It explores the kinds of love present within current examples of vampire fiction. The ring designs are produced in collaboration with New Zealand jewellery designer, Ian Douglas.

Installation view -Installation view - The Engine Room, Wellington, NZ 2013 The Engine Room, Wellington, NZ 2013

Installation view - The Engine Room, Wellington, NZ - 2013

Immortal Diamonds Catalogue, Edition of 5.

Flora Diamond Ring (catalogue overview)

Effloresce Diamond Ring (catalogue overview)

Ethereal Diamond Ring (catalogue overview)

Amaranthine Diamond Ring (catalogue overview)

Inamorata Diamond Ring (catalogue overview)

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